Drupal 7.14 Crashes Apache Server on a Windows Environment

I have experienced rare cases when visiting a particular URL where the Apache Server crashes on a fresh installation of Drupal 7.14 running WAMP on Windows XP or 7.

The common solution was to open the file causing the problem and re-save it. However, this did not explain why it was happening. Fortunately, I was able to consistently reproduce this problem when I installed the Internationalization module and visited admin/config/regional/language which would result in Apache crashing.

This information finally lead me to http://drupal.org/node/1562670

What I learned was it is actually a PHP 5.3.10 bug that triggers when processing include/require files with sizes that are exact multiples of 4096 bytes and causes PHP to segfault (!).

The reason why re-saving the files worked is because the line feeds in the file are re-formatted from \n (unix style) to \r\n (windows style) which changes the files size from the problematic value of 53248 (exactly 52 KB).

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